Baptism Preparation Class

Infant Baptism

Baptism Preparation Class

Sunday, September 11th at 2pm

(Rooney Hall)

Registered parishioners should contact the Faith Formation Office at least three months prior to the planned Baptism. Godparent documentation must be received at least two weeks prior to the scheduled baptism. Parent(s) requesting Infant Baptism for the first time at St. Ann’s parish are to attend and complete a required, scheduled parish Baptismal Preparation program. If for some reason, the parents are unable to attend the required program, they are to contact the Faith Formation Office to reschedule the date of the Baptism until a time after this requirement is met. Infant Baptism may be held in or outside of Sunday Mass. Children over 7 are normally baptized through the RCIA process which culminates at Easter.


Ms. Sybil Jean Steuart

(239) 262-4256 or

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