Altar Linen assistants work with the Director of Liturgy and Music and the sacristans to care for and clean all vestments and liturgical linens in our Eucharistic celebrations. The requirements for this ministry include picking up, laundering, ironing and mending all vestments, albs, and liturgical linens as needed. This ministry is very important because the linens need to be prepared on a regular basis to be ready for use at any time. Certain guidelines must be followed so that linens are picked up and returned on a scheduled day. This is a humble ministry of service behind the scenes, yet a work of love for the Lord and his people. The time requirement is about one or two hours a week. This ministry is performed at home. If you are interested in participating in this ministry, please contact the Parish Office at 239-262-4256.


Catherine LaCharite

Call: 239-732-7383


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