This ministry provides prayerful and loving assistance to parishioners who are mourning the loss of a loved one. Ministry volunteers, in a variety of ways, start assisting bereaved families from the time the parish is notified of the loss, and continue through the Funeral Liturgy. In particular, we help coordinate readers, gift bearers and other family members during Funeral Liturgies; assist with setting up flowers, and other necessary items prior to the funeral. Through this ministry, people gain a fuller understanding of the significance of the life and death of a Christian, and the special needs of grieving widows, widowers, children and others. In other words, walking in the footsteps of the One who is our peace (Eph. 2:14), we are the companions to those who have just lost a loved one, bringing them special comfort, assistance, and hope on behalf of all of their Christian brothers and sisters at Saint Ann. The time commitment for this ministry varies based on scheduled funerals but generally does not exceed two hours per funeral. Members rotate their service based on availability.

After a funeral director has been contacted but before any arrangements have been made public, please contact the Parish Office in order to arrange for a funeral time, vigil service and liturgy planning. Contact: Saint Ann Parish Office at 239-262-4256.


Loretta Huenefeld

Call: 239-262-8953


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